Скачать Windows Server 2016 Cookbook, 2nd Edition

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Скачать Windows Server 2016 Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Добрый день уважаемые читатели и гости блога, сегодня я с вами делюсь, очень интересной книгой, для кого-то может оказаться плохо, что она на английском языке, но прочитать ее стоит, и сомневаюсь, что ее переведут, книга называется "Windows Server 2016 Cookbook, 2nd Edition", такая вот поваренная книжка.

Год издания: 2016
Автор: Krause J.
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 9781785883835
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 494


This hands-on Cookbook is stuffed full of practical recipes that will help you handle the essential administrative tasks in Windows Server 2016. You’ll start by familiarizing yourself with the look and feel of Windows Server 2016, and will then learn how to navigate through some daily tasks using the graphical interface. You will see how to compose optimal Group Policies and facilitate task automation with PowerShell 5.0 scripting. We will also take a look at the functions available to provide remote network access to your traveling users, and explore the much anticipated Nano Server and Hyper-V built-in integration support that is brand new in Windows Server 2016.

What You Will Learn
- Build the infrastructure required for a successful Windows network
- Navigate the new Server 2016 interface efficiently
- Implement solid networking and security practices into your Windows Server environment
- Design your own PKI and start issuing certificates today
- Explore the brand-new Nano Server functionality
- Enable nested virtualization on Hyper-V and Server
- Connect your remote laptops back to the corporate network using Microsoft's own remote access technologies, including DirectAccess
- Provide a centralized point for users to access applications and data by configuring Remote Desktop Services
- Compose optimal Group Policies
- Facilitate task automation with PowerShell 5.0 scripting

Table of Contents

  1. Learning the Interface
  2. Core Infrastructure Tasks
  3. Security and Networking
  4. Working with Certificates
  5. Internet Information Services
  6. Remote Access
  7. Remote Desktop Services
  8. Monitoring and Backup
  9. Group Policy
  10. File Services and Data Control
  11. Nano Server and Server Core
  12. Working with Hyper-V
  13. Shutting down or restarting the server
  14. Using WinKey + X for quick admin tasks
  15. Managing remote servers from a single pane with Server Manager
  16. Identifying useful keyboard shortcuts in Server 2016
  17. Setting your PowerShell Execution Policy
  18. Building and executing your first PowerShell script
  19. Searching for PowerShell cmdlets with Get-Help
  20. Configuring a combination Domain Controller, DNS server, and DHCP
  21. Adding a second Domain Controller
  22. Organizing your computers with Organizational Units
  23. Creating an A or AAAA record in DNS
  24. Creating and using a CNAME record in DNS
  25. Creating a DHCP scope to assign addresses to computers
  26. Creating a DHCP reservation for a specific server or resource
  27. Pre-staging a computer account in Active Directory
  28. Using PowerShell to create a new Active Directory user
  29. Using PowerShell to view system uptime
  30. Requiring complex passwords in your network
  31. Using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to block unnecessary
  32. Changing the RDP port on your server to hide access
  33. Multi-homing your Windows Server 2016
  34. Adding a static route into the Windows routing table
  35. Using Telnet to test a connection and network flow
  36. Using the Pathping command to trace network traffic
  37. Setting up NIC Teaming
  38. Renaming and domain joining via PowerShell
  39. Building your first Server Core
  40. Setting up the first Certification Authority server in a network
  41. Building a Subordinate Certification Authority server
  42. Creating a certificate template to prepare for issuing machine
    certificates to your clients
  43. Publishing a certificate template to allow enrollment
  44. Using MMC to request a new certificate
  45. Using the web interface to request a new certificate
  46. Configuring Autoenrollment to issue certificates to all domain joined
  47. Renewing your root certificate

Скачать Windows Server 2016 Cookbook, 2nd Edition

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