Netapp Show Uptime

Netapp Show Uptime

How To show Netapp Uptime from the Command Line, this command will show you how long your Netapp has been powered on. The command will also show you NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, HTTP & Fiber Channel uptime.

This Netapp HowTo is useful for the following

    • Displaying Netapp Uptime
    • Netapp uptime command
    • Netapp Show NFS Uptime
    • Netapp Show CIFS Uptime
    • Netapp Show iSCSI uptime
    • Show HTTP Uptime on Netapps
    • Display Netapp Fiber Channel Uptime

    Netapp Show Uptime Command


    Example output from uptime command:

    netapp01> uptime
      6:40am up  8:47 0 NFS ops, 0 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops

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