Netapp Create, Append or Overwrite a File (Like Cat Blah > file.txt)

Обновлено 31.12.2014

How to create / overwrite a file on a Netapp, simialr to the unix / linux command “cat blah > file.txt”

This Netapp HowTo is useful for the following

  • Netapp add text to file
  • Netapp overwrite file
  • Netapp edit file

Netapp Create a File & add text to a File

The following command will create the file /etc/ironman.txt and add two lines “Pepper Potts” and “War Machine”

netapp> wrfile -a /etc/ironman.txt "Pepper Potts"
netapp> wrfile -a /etc/ironman.txt "War Machine"

The contents of the above file will look like this:

netapp> rdfile /etc/ironman.txt
Pepper Potts
War Machine
Автор - Сёмин Иван

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