NetApp Create LUN

Обновлено 31.12.2014

This Netapp HowTo is useful for the following

  • Create LUN
  • Create FCP LUN
  • NetApp Create LUN iSCSI

NetApp Create LUN

NetApp Create LUN
netapp> lun create -s 200m -t windows /vol/vol2/qtree2/lun3

Note the above creates a LUN called “lun3” inside of the qtree called “qtree2” which resides in the volume called “vol2”.

NetApp Show CIFS Shares

We can confirm the LUN has been created by entering:

NetApp Show LUN
netapp> lun show
  /vol/vol2/qtree2/lun3      204.0m (213857280)     (r/w, online)
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