NetApp Change Default Gateway

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How to change the default gateway on Netapp from the CLI, as always when modifying the configuration on your Netapp I recommend you take a backup in case you need to restore the settings.

This Netapp HowTo is useful for the following

  • Netapp Change Default Route
  • Netapp Set Default Route
  • Netapp Change Gateway
  • Netapp Set Gatway
  • Netapp Add Default Gatway

To print the current network settings run:

ifconfig -a

Netapp Remove Default Gateway / Route

To change / set the default gateway on a netapp you first need to remove the previous default route.

route delete default

Netapp Change Default Gateway

To set the new default gateway enter the following command:

route add default-gateway-ip 1

Say for example you want to change your default gateway to, enter:

route add 1

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