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What is NetApp Quota ?

Good day! Dear readers and guests, the largest IT blogs in Russia A storage administrator would enable NetApp quota to set a size limit that each user can consume on the NetApp filer. For examaple you could set a NetApp quota to restrict all users to 10Gb of disk usage each, preventing them form using more space. Without disk quota there would be nothing to stop a user consuming all the disk space available to them on the NetApp filer.

This Netapp Quota Management HowTo is useful for

  • Enable User Quota
  • Enable NetApp Disk Quota
  • NetApp Enable User Quota
  • NetApp Show Quota Usage
  • Enable Quota NetApp
  • Disable NetApp Quota
  • NetApp Disable Quota
  • NetApp Resize Quota
  • NetApp Quota Resize
  • NetApp Quota Management

NetApp Enable Quota Command

To enable the user / disk quota on a NetApp enter:

quota on

The above will enable NetApp quota on the filer.

NetApp Disable Quota

To disable NetApp quota enter:

quota off

NetApp Resize Quota

To resize the NetApp Quota:

quota resize

NetApp Show Quota Usage & Size

To show the NetApp quota usage / size enter:

quota report
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